QuickBooks® Services for Accounting & Bookkeeping

Running a small business is challenging, and dealing with accounting and bookkeeping tasks can be time-consuming. Thankfully, QuickBooks® provides an efficient and user-friendly solution to handle these demanding financial tasks.

At Peters Bandura, LLC, we’re delighted to offer expert QuickBooks services to help you maximize its potential. From automating tasks to training your employees, our firm is dedicated to simplifying the integration and use of QuickBooks. Contact us today for a free initial consultation with one of our QuickBooks ProAdvisors!

Helping You Install QuickBooks

While installing QuickBooks may seem straightforward, both the desktop and online versions require time and focus. Our friendly CPAs will assist you in installing the platform and tailoring it to suit your business needs from the start. Considering your unique circumstances, from company requirements to employee experience, our team ensures a personalized installation.

One challenging aspect of QuickBooks installation is correctly inputting and categorizing data. A minor mistake can significantly impact how your company’s information is displayed. We take care to input your data accurately, including receipts, tax information, and sales figures, ensuring convenient future access. QuickBooks can make a real difference for your financial operations, and we can fully train you and your employees to unlock its potential.

Online or Desktop Version: Which is Better?

QuickBooks offers two versions, Online and Desktop, each with unique advantages. Our CPAs have helped numerous small business owners find the version that best suits their needs.

  • QuickBooks Desktop: Developed since 2001, this highly customizable version features extensive functions and automations for managing multiple projects effortlessly. Third-party apps further tailor QuickBooks to specific industries like real estate, construction, and restaurants.
  • QuickBooks Online: This version, known for flexibility and accessibility, uses cloud computing to back up data and secure sensitive information. QuickBooks Online is preferred by business owners who travel frequently or have multiple locations.

What QuickBooks Can Do For You

Regardless of the version, we work with you to extract maximum value from your system. Our accounting firm stays updated with software changes to optimize your company’s functionality. We’ll set up QuickBooks for:

  1. Tracking inventory & sales: QuickBooks provides an easy way to input and access critical inventory and sales data, with training for your employees on tracking sales and categorizing receipts.
  2. Monitoring revenue & expenses: QuickBooks’ ability to balance income against expenses gives actionable insights into your company’s financial status, configured by our team for relevance.
  3. Understanding tax obligations: QuickBooks organizes receipts for easy viewing before tax season, with our team analyzing and explaining their tax implications.

QuickBooks FAQ

Having questions about our QuickBooks services is normal. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have. Some frequently asked questions include:

  • What types of reports can QuickBooks give me?
    Both Online and Desktop versions offer numerous reports, and our experienced CPAs can help interpret what they mean for your company.
  • How much bookkeeping knowledge do I need to operate QuickBooks?
    We can provide training tailored to your business needs, ensuring you have the necessary knowledge.
  • How many users can I add to QuickBooks?
    Up to 30 users can access the platform at any one time. We’ll guide you in adding users based on your business requirements.

Your Place for Skilled QuickBooks Services

At Peters Bandura, LLC, we take pride in offering excellent QuickBooks services to enhance your company’s accounting and bookkeeping. From troubleshooting to employee training, our team is here for you. Call us today to speak with one of our QuickBooks ProAdvisors for a free initial consultation!

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Why QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the ideal business accounting software for small to mid-sized business owners. Here are 10 reasons why you should be using QuickBooks.

Setup for QuickBooks

While QuickBooks is designed for easy understanding, the initial setup and installation can be tricky. Save time and frustration by allowing us to set up QuickBooks for you correctly.

Training for QuickBooks

Once QuickBooks is set up, we can train you or your employees specifically for your business.

Answers to QuickBooks Questions

Our team is here to answer any QuickBooks questions, preventing wasted hours of frustration and embarrassment.

Tune-up for QuickBooks

Whether for tax preparation or a financial review, we can get your QuickBooks running smoothly with a complete tune-up.

Tips for QuickBooks Users

Explore shortcuts and “tricks of the trade” designed to save you time and enhance your QuickBooks experience.